JOBS Act Progress Still Stalled. What’s Going On, McHenry?!

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Earlier this year, a California-based company raised $750,000 through debt and equity crowdfunding when the owner took advantage of a provision that allowed him to campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and an online crowdfunding platform.

Publicizing his campaign on personal websites is a move that really bolstered his two-year old small business. But, that option isn’t available to everyone. Why not?

Rebuilding the American Dream: Small Business by the Numbers

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Former President Ronald Reagan called them the “forgotten heroes of America”: small business owners who make up a startling majority of job creators, employers and exporters. But these local, home-grown companies often meet huge financial challenges as they try to get their businesses off the ground. From legal advice to proper underwriting, entrepreneurs are facing many challenges raising the equity they need to make their American dream come true. That’s where crowdfunding may help. Simply put, the promise of crowdfunding can help small business, and small business drives the American economy.