Written by Gene Wright. Posted in Financial Modeling

6 Reasons to Get That Valuation Done

Because though your mind is great at creating stuff, it’s terrible at tracking it. And yet there’s a good chance you’re tracking tons of stuff in your head right now. Stuff that drains your energy and clogs your creativity. Stuff that makes it hard to stay afloat day-to-day, let alone find the time to get the information to us that could create the beginning of the next new chapter in your life! I’ve listed below 6 reasons to put Northstar Advisory at the top of your to do list. It won’t be like going to the dentist, I promise.

  1. Aim for done over perfect. We do not need your 2022 business tax returns to get started.
  • To get started, you only need your income statement and balance sheet for the past three years. This information will provide an excellent starting point to establish a beginning value for your business and begin the discussion.
  •  It’s important to know what your business is worth, regardless of whether you decide to sell it. No business is perfect, and every business can improve. Sometimes the smallest improvements yield the greatest results. We will help you pinpoint all of them.
  • Buyers pay for the past, consider the present, but will buy for the future. Past financials will help determine the purchase price, but they do NOT guarantee what the business will look like in the future. We help you evaluate your business for what it can expect to provide a future buyer. We can help you identify the hidden value in your business.
  • Identify your business “uniqueness”- You MUST be able to explain it in simple terms to potential buyers and with great enthusiasm. We help coach you through the selling process.
  • We can’t do a darn thing to help you until we get your information. Our valuation services are complementary to our clients planning to exit within the next twelve or twenty-four months.