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Established in 2010 by Gene G. Wright a 30-year business veteran, Northstar Consulting is an LLC incorporated in the state of Wyoming. Northstar was founded to help business owners and leaders in small to mid-size businesses change to become more successful. Passionate about working with business owners to help them grow and prosper, Wright received certification from the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development (OED) in 2011 to provide advisory services under their Local Business Assistance Program (LBAP). Currently he serves as a Trustee and leads the Veterans Program for the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development. Through Northstar, Wright helps local Atlanta entrepreneurs access grants, loans, investment opportunities, training and support, while also providing key business advice.

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Gene works privately with high growth businesses in Georgia to create successful alternative financing options. His ability to navigate uncharted territories and provide strategic guidance are what makes him such a strong ally.

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