New Business Technologies Are Part Of Success—Get It Right The First Time!

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Using new business technology

When a small company identifies a need for new business technologies, many differing opinions will be brought forward based on the potential impact the technology will have on a given individual’s day-to-day responsibilities. The bottom line is that new technology affects the entire business, and the key to a successful transition is to keep every employee that stands to be impacted in the loop. An even better approach: give them a voice during the transition.

Sustainable Change: What Is It And What Does It Mean For Your Business?

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Sustainable business change
Businesses should strive to achieve sustainable change. Sustainable change is achieved through the synchronization of people, processes and technology required to achieve a lasting competitive advantage over time. More than just a hunt for increased profits, sustainable change is about profiting consistently and using a superior business model to protect that profit over time.

Undercapitalized Businesses Can Turn To Pre-Bank Funding When Money Is Tight And Options Are Scarce

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Borrowing money
When a small manufacturer gets a major, million-dollar order, but they don’t have the cash on hand to make the goods because their outstanding invoices won’t be paid for 60 days, where do they turn for quick cash? When an inexperienced restaurant owner hires an under-qualified family member to handle the business’s accounting, and that family member makes a payroll tax error that will cost the business its liquor license unless they pay in full within 30 days, how do they come up with money in a pinch?

Smart Businesses Use Financial Modeling To Anticipate Future Growth

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Financial model on a tablet
Wouldn’t doing business be so much easier if CEOs could see into the future? Unfortunately the closest a business owner or leader will ever come to having a crystal ball is establishing a strong, fact-based financial model. Not only do these models provide CEO’s with the best possible view into their financial future, they are also imperative when attempting to secure additional capital. No banker, loan officer or investor will sit down and have a meaningful discussion with a business owner who doesn’t have a financial plan.

Six Benefits of Using Financial Models

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Gathering around financial planning
A financial model is a set of assumptions about future business conditions that drive projections of a company’s revenue, earnings, cash flows and balance sheet accounts. In practice, we use financial model in a spreadsheet form (usually in Microsoft’s Excel software) to forecast a company’s future financial performance.

Developing Business in New Channels will become an Imperative for Well Branded Small Businesses

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Man wondering which channel to use
This year’s Black Friday underscored the importance of an online presence for retailers in all industries. This includes car sales (eBay Motors), fine jewelry (Blue Nile), transportation (Uber) and lodging (Airbnb) in today’s environment. While store-based sales were reportedly down by over 11% from last year, Cyber Monday sales were the largest in history. But how can a small business capitalize on expanding into other channels when they are already working 70 hours a week on their brick and mortar business?

New Year’s Resolution for Small Business Owners; Find Innovative Ways to Raise Business Capital

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Counting change for funding business
Are you familiar with the term “pre-bankable”? Many business fall into this category, meaning that either they haven’t been in business long enough to qualify for traditional bank financing, or they can’t qualify because of bank underwriting requirements. It’s no secret that banks have not been a source for small business lending for some time now, and unfortunately, change isn’t just around the corner for many deserving businesses.