Where Do we Grow From Here?

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The term “business integration” isn’t a primary focus area with business owners today, but companies looking to grow rapidly along with an improving US economy have a unique opportunity to expand in the coming months. Low interest rates and gas prices along with a willing work force combine to enable profitable growth possibilities in many consumer segments for those best prepared to seize the day.

How Equity Crowdfunding Creates Competition at a National Level

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Candace Klein had a promising entrepreneurial career when the state of Ohio accused her of securities fraud and threatened to shut her down. The founder of Bad Girl Ventures and the CEO of crowdfunding platform SoMoLend had been anything but a bad girl. With Bad Girl Ventures, Klein created opportunities for female entrepreneurs by giving them access to capital and through SoMoLend she put Cincinnati on the national crowdfunding stage. She was also a champion for crowdfunding and an advocate in the industry’s efforts in implementing the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS). So what did Ohio do to her?

Confusing Crowdfunding: What Do You Think it Should be Called?

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In March 2013, Los Angeles residents looked up and saw the words, “How do I Land?” written in the sky. That was the handiwork of Kurt Braunholer, who raised $6,820 of his $4,000 Kickstarter goal to hire someone to fly a plane and “write stupid things with clouds in the sky.” Likely not the best way to spend almost $7,000. Then there was the notorious Potato Salad campaign that raised $55,492 of a $10 goal, and Meat Soap that raised $1905 of $1500.

Why Did Home Depot Go To Silicon Valley?

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Thanks to shows like Shark Tank, the concept of publicly pairing entrepreneurs to investors is now a mainstream concept, piquing the interest of many Americans.

At one time, pitching a new business idea to a group of investors was an alternate option to traditional funding that made raising capital possible for the average entrepreneur. Today, thanks to the democratic nature of the Internet, there are more options and fewer barriers than ever before.

Room to Grow: Examining Kickstarter & IGE Crowdfunding in the State of Georgia

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When two Atlanta-based brothers needed money to fund their business – a unique, vintage oilcan electric guitar start-up – they turned to an online crowdfunding community called Kickstarter to raise an incredible $55,000. They also extended their fundraising efforts to Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE), a group of local investors who receive equity in their business.

The Greatest Crowdfunding Solution

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In the early 1980s, while working with his father in Israel, OurCrowd founder John Medved said his plan was to build the country.

What he did was build a global market for Israeli businesses by developing one of the world’s largest equity crowdfunding firms. And though the country has 2 million people less than the state of Georgia, and equal security hurdles to leap, the Israeli-based OurCrowd has already helped 36 portfolio company teams raise $43 million from 4000 accredited international investors.

He did this in less in than 14 months!