Intrastate Funding – Why Are So Many States Introducing It?

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Georgia and Kansas may have led the way in Crowdfunding and Securities Exemptions (CASE) legislation, but many other states are quickly seeing the advantages and passing similar legislation of their own.

After all, crowdfunding promises job creation and economic improvement at the state level. And because any astute politician can see the logic in keeping jobs and business taxes in state.

Did The SEC Make a Poor Decision on Crowdfunding?

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“Though expected, it was a poor decision by the SEC. Unfortunately by approving crowdfunding for unaccredited investors under the Jobs Act, it will turn ‘salami’ scams, where small amounts are defrauded from investors, into the new normal. This is not a good day for financially unsophisticated investors who will be targeted unrelentingly by stock promoters.”

– Andrew Stoltmann of Stoltmann Law Offices (quoted in USA Today, October 23rd, 2013)

Crowdfunding detractors would do well to research the experience of other countries in the world. In much of Europe and Australia, crowdfunding has been legal for some time and bad actors in crowdfunding deals are minimal.

5 Things Every Investor Should Know About Crowdfunding

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Deciding to invest in your first crowdfunding campaign can be a daunting decision. Angel and Venture Fund investors are financial professionals who have a good handle on making investments in early stage companies, but non-savvy investors can quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer amount of decision-making criteria and analysis that goes into making an investment.

The following is a list of five things every investor should know about crowdfunding investing, regardless of experience:

Tickertape Investor vs. Social Investor: What’s The Crowdfunding Difference?

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Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, at the biggest match in financial history to determine who will invest in crowdfunding opportunities. In one corner, we have Tickertape Investor, and in the other, Social Investor. Anything goes in this match, and who will be the predominant investor in crowdfunding opportunities are still unwritten. Place your bets, but make sure you know what each contender brings into the ring — nothing less than the financial future of crowdfunding is at stake.