New Business Technologies Are Part Of Success—Get It Right The First Time!

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Using new business technology

When a small company identifies a need for new business technologies, many differing opinions will be brought forward based on the potential impact the technology will have on a given individual’s day-to-day responsibilities. The bottom line is that new technology affects the entire business, and the key to a successful transition is to keep every employee that stands to be impacted in the loop. An even better approach: give them a voice during the transition.

Sustainable Change: What Is It And What Does It Mean For Your Business?

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Sustainable business change
Businesses should strive to achieve sustainable change. Sustainable change is achieved through the synchronization of people, processes and technology required to achieve a lasting competitive advantage over time. More than just a hunt for increased profits, sustainable change is about profiting consistently and using a superior business model to protect that profit over time.

Where Do we Grow From Here?

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Chart depicting growth

The term “business integration” isn’t a primary focus area with business owners today, but companies looking to grow rapidly along with an improving US economy have a unique opportunity to expand in the coming months. Low interest rates and gas prices along with a willing work force combine to enable profitable growth possibilities in many consumer segments for those best prepared to seize the day.