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During his tenure with global consulting firm Accenture, Gene Wright teamed with a world class organization to learn first-hand how to develop innovative solutions for problem-solving for some of the world’s most prestigious clients. He had the opportunity to “grow fast,” by working with multiple clients simultaneously gaining tremendous – and rapid – practice insight with exceptional and innovative people. It is experience he has carried with him throughout his entrepreneurial endeavors. Today, Gene is renowned for his ability to develop unconventional solutions to conventional problems, and there are few challenges more pressing, dynamic, and rewarding than procuring capital for well-deserved businesses, organizations, or causes. Gene is dedicated to preparing and empowering entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofit organizations, investors, financial service professionals, municipalities, and universities to take advantage of the democratization of financial markets and realize the potential of nontraditional funding sources. Through his consulting practice, GCA, and CrowdWest Georgia, his mission is to provide education, training, and advocacy for the crowdfunding ecosystem, helping to accelerate learning and best practices for the rapidly emerging industry. Adhering to a “Gold Standard”, Gene works to ensure that businesses are properly positioned to solicit capital via crowdfunding strategies, with issuers and investors equally protected.
By combining the power and community appeal of crowdfunding with disciplined preparation and oversight, Gene Wright seeks to contribute to the crowdfunding ecosystem by developing innovative solutions whose benefits create a ripple effect throughout the community.

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Gene works privately with high growth businesses in Georgia to create successful alternative financing options. His ability to navigate uncharted territories and provide strategic guidance are what makes him such a strong ally.

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