International Center for Innovation in Technologies invites Gene Wright as Keynote Speaker

Written by Gene Wright. Posted in News

Kennesaw GA- August 30,2012.

The International Center for Innovation in Technologies (ICIT) Keynote Speaker Series continues on Thursday August 30 with a presentation titled “Growth Through Change and Innovation” featuring Donald Amoroso, PhD., ICIT’s Executive Director, Gene Wright, Managing Partner NorthStar Consulting and Roger Reak Managing Director for StratAlli as the event’s Keynote speakers.

Dr. Amoroso will host the event at Kennesaw State University’s Center Room 400 located just off Campus at Chastain Road and I-75 from 5:00-7:00PM on Thursday August 30th with a reception following.

Gene Wright will speak on the topic “The Invisible Middle”, the 200,000 US businesses with revenues between 10 million and one billion representing over 33% of private sector growth. During the last recession, these firms grew and prospered compared to the composite Fortune 500 companies in the US. Wright will discuss what factors drove that growth and more importantly, the challenges these executives face during the next decade.

The event is sponsored by ICIT and there is no cost to attend, but attendance is by invitation only. if you would like to attend, please contact either Gene Wright or ICIT directly at for more information and meeting logistics.

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