Small businesses need help creating jobs… and they aren’t getting it.

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According to the attendees at a business summit hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, government at the state and federal levels needs to do more to support small, job-creating businesses, but they are not organized or equipped to do so.

The declines in job creation and the increases in job destruction have gotten worse since the recession began, becaus entrepreneurs have to focus all their efforts on staying alive… marketing and selling to new customers and clients, retraining workers, investing in the future and improving their operations, all at the same time and on their own without assistance.

Many business owners and professionals in attendance believed there should be government and business support to help firms succeed in repositioning and sustaining themselves by building connections with each other, but these types of programs do not exist in the public sector. One attendee shared findings from research showing companies able to reach out and get help with their difficulties tended to be at least 10 percent more productive than companies unable to do so.

This is where non-profit organizations like the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development and their Certified Advisors such as Gene Wright have become important in providing much-needed support.

Many business owners remain challenged because they do not realize there are experienced and seasoned business professionals who can assist them to reach their goals. And they don’t understand that the available help costs only a fraction of what they imagine and much less than the stress, strain and financial burdens they carry around day and night.

One of my, and the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development’s, main roles is to help business owners here in Atlanta
via OED’s Local Business Assistance Program.

If you, or any business owners you know, are looking to thrive and not just survive, you may want to take advantage of OED’s Local Business Assistance Program.

To learn more about the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development and Local Business Assistance Program please contact me via email or at 404-908-5561.

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