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For those clients seeking far-reaching, sustainable change, Northstar Consulting brings the insights, practical know-how and capabilities to help them achieve success. We do so by helping clients anticipate marketplace change and take advantage of it. We continue to search for new ideas and approaches that increase value for our clients. Our four decades of experience in various industry segments allows us to deliver informed perspectives to clients and gives us the ability to develop a deep understanding of their individual businesses.

What it Takes to Get There

There’s a lot of media attention focused on business owner’s challenges in today’s economic environment. We felt it might be good to search the Web for articles on business owners who have done well ad what advice they shared on achieving success. I hope these “sound bites” help to balance the ledger. There’s always someone who just never quits and provides great inspiration to the rest of us.  I hope you enjoy hearing about them.

“If you can get your business to a million, you can get it to a billion.”

Heather Reisman: Indigo Books and Music Inc. 244 stores, 7,000 employees, $1 billion in revenue.

“The words, “That’s good enough” don’t exist in business. You cannot rest on your laurels. The auto business suffered badly by making a product that was inferior. They learned their lesson. Quality first, as Ford would say. And I think that true in everything we do.”

Ron Joyce: Tim Horton’s. 4042 stores, $2.9 billion revenue.

 “My dad always said, hire people better than you, and keep them. You don’t want to have turnover.”

J.R.Shaw: Shaw Communications, 14,000 people, $4.7 in revenue.

Best wishes for a profitable and successful 2020!

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