About Gene Wright

Executive Leader. Successful Entrepreneur. Trusted Advisor.

Throughout his 30 year career, Gene Wright has mastered each of these roles with enthusiasm and skill. While his extensive experience and depth of knowledge are remarkable, it is Gene’s ability to navigate uncharted territories and operate within spaces for which the rules are under constant construction that makes him such a strong ally for entrepreneurs, business owners, nonprofit organizations, and investors alike. Gene is committed to providing the highest level of education, training, and strategic business consultation services to clients interested in alternative funding solutions to help them take their business, project, or cause to the next level. To that end, Gene founded the Georgia Crowdfunding Association (GCA), and together with GCA, the University of West Georgia Richards College of Business, and Carroll Tomorrow (a public-private economic development group), he spearheaded CrowdWest Georgia, the first ever Georgia crowdfunding convention and expo, which brought together over 100 business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and students to learn from some of the nation’s leading crowdfunding experts.

Georgia Crowdfunding Association

Gene founded GCA after recognizing the significant potential that crowdfunding holds to “democratize capital” for entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profit organizations, investors, and local communities. Gene leverages his consulting background in strategy, risk assessment, financing business growth, market analysis, and equity sourcing to ensure that GCA develops and delivers the highest quality education, training and support for all participants in the crowdfunding ecosystem and that GCA defines the highest ethical conduct in its activities.

Crowdfunding Consulting & Education

Gene works privately with high growth businesses in Georgia to create successful alternative financing options through an approach that includes the development of an operative business strategy, effective crowdfunding campaign, and follow-through on investor/customer relationships to achieve growth objectives. Also, through his ongoing CrowdWest Georgia events, he brings together prominent crowdfunding experts, investors, and leading business experts to help increase awareness of crowdfunding opportunities and educate local communities, universities, and businesses throughout Georgia in the benefits of working together to create jobs and strengthen communities through crowdfunding strategies.


Gene holds a BBA-Business Administration and Marketing from the University of West Georgia.

Past Experience

Gene began his career with Makro, a Dutch pioneer in the warehouse club industry, and was instrumental in implementing warehouse clubs as a distribution channel in the United States. He joined Accenture as Associate Partner in 1994 and worked closely with high-profile executive management teams to develop future strategy and maintain competitive advantage. Clients included global Fortune 100 companies. In 2003, Gene founded D&W Partners LLC, a real estate development and consulting firm whose clients included AT&T Wireless, Motorola, RadioShack, Linens ‘n Things, Advance Auto, 7 Eleven, Kindercare, and LA Fitness. His entrepreneurial journey continued in 2011 with the founding of Northstar Advisory Consulting Services upon his decision to return to Atlanta to focus on midmarket private businesses and be closer to family and lifelong friends. In addition to his roles with GCA and Northstar, Gene is a trustee and Certified Advisor with the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development, advocating for small businesses in the Atlanta area. He lends his time and expertise to OED’s Local Business Assistance Program, helping small businesses navigate important issues, challenges, and opportunities in a one-on-one setting.
Gene Wright has earned a reputation for integrity, insight, and tireless work on behalf of small and midmarket business owners and organizational leaders.

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Meet Gene Wright

Gene works privately with high growth businesses in Georgia to create successful alternative financing options. His ability to navigate uncharted territories and provide strategic guidance are what makes him such a strong ally.

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